A Dream Deferred

“A Dream Deferred is photographer Donnie Williams’ premier zine, self-published around 2016. The photo zine chronicles the everyday in Fort Worth, TX as seen though Williams’ eyes. Much of his work documents people, street scenes and incredibly unique situations only Weegee could have devised. Juxtapose these with images depicting a modest downtown landscape and there is a poetic aura that guides you through the array of images. The moral story of ADD, to me, seems to suggest that the city’s inhabitants, although different, are in fact very similar. In my opinion, Williams is the city’s ultimate interrogator, often capturing raw situations alongside beautiful portraits depicting its large demographic. Fort Worth is on its way up, full of dreams and dreams deferred. Donnie Williams is here to remind us of the bones that rise and fall is built on.” (Review to come) - Raul Rodriguez

A.D.D. can be purchased through Williams himself. Try his instagram @willid420

Deep Red Press