Jacob Mitchell

Jacob Mitchell is a visual artist interested in interdisciplinary image making. He received his BFA of Studio Art in Photography at the College of Visual Arts and Design at University of North Texas and is currently living and working in Texas.

Altered Scapes

These works are surrealistic perceptions of space and form that reflect the unconscious mind. Photographic images allow me the ability to warp the natural world through heavy digital manipulation, natural spaces transform into projections of dream like experiences. Dreams are something that we all experience; but one has little control over the content of those. What do dreams tell us about ourselves, about our consciousness? These images are reflections of a much more complex schematic thinking process. My intention is to broaden the conscious mind, challenge and inspire the audience to think critically about their own self-awareness. I ask many questions of reality and its constructs, of the differences between a dream and a waking state, and of the possible realms that may rest beyond the physical and the visible.

Follow Jacob Mitchell's work at jacob-mitchell.com and on Instagram @haptaincowdy