Olivia Peregrino

Olivia Peregrino is a Mexican photographer who graduated in 2015 with a degree in Audiovisual Languages from the School of Visual Arts of Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León. Most of her work has focused on the LGBTQ community, women's rights and social movements. In 2010 she won first place in the contest A la Vuelta de la Esquina within the Sexual Diversity Festival organized by the Fototeca de Zacatecas. In 2012 her series Lesbian Families was one of the projects selected by Conarte to represent Nuevo León as a guest state at the Entijuanarte Festival, in Tijuana. In 2017, The Casa del Libro de la UANL published her work in its first book Renacimiento. Monterrey in the First Decade of the 21st Century, about the social movements that emerged in Monterrey in response to the wave of drug violence. A project that took her eight years to complete.

She emigrated to the United States three years ago to start from scratch, with the goal of growing as an artist. Identity, gender and the relationship with her own body are themes she has recently began to explore in her personal work. In 2018 she was invited to participate in Arttitude’s MaricónX, a showcase of Latino LGBTQ artists at the Latino Cultural Center in Dallas. This year her project Natural Bodies was selected by Lesley Moody Castro to be part of the Vignette Art Fair along with nearly 80 women artists from Texas who exhibited their work at The Women's Museum in Dallas. Olivia Peregrino currently lives and works in Dallas, Texas.

Familias Lesbicas / Lesbian Families

Ana y Cris

Anel y Norma

Lesbian Families is a photographic series that shows other types of families as an example of the complex family kaleidoscope existing in Mexico, in which the traditional model is increasingly surpassed by other ways of seeing and living life.

Silvia y Lupita

Ivonne y Angela

This project was born by chance in February 2007 when photographing two friends from Monterrey who had just had twins. Then came the idea of also portraying other lesbian friends who had their own family; and little by little the project was growing. But at the same time it was very difficult to get other lesbian families to accept being portrayed, because in Mexico they still face many social prejudices and do not want to be visible.

Fedia y Lety

Fedia y Lety

Luz y Daniela

The women in this photographic series have conceived their life projects differently, but they all agree on the way they live and build their family structure on a daily basis. The love, the respect, the communication, the honesty, the courage and the happiness that they project is what I tried to show in their portraits.