Julysa Sosa

 Julysa Sosa is a documentary photographer whose work focuses on evocative storytelling; drawing out the obscured imagery existing on the periphery of life experiences. Sosa received a B.A. in photojournalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is based out of San Antonio, Texas.

Trizas is a series that explores themes of familia, love, prophecy and realization in the form of dreams and fragments of the subconscious memory; a photo series about inclusion. The work blends surreal selfies and dream journal entries that have been catalogued throughout many years. Each selfie is composed in a makeshift studio with dramatic lighting created by household items. Through the use of only an iPhone to photograph, she aims to dramatizes the concept of selfies and self-documenting in modern times.

50 Cuts

With my family
In Mexico, a plaza

Curandera in her tent
She calls me
Points to my heart
"Todo tiene que salir"
I nod
I must purge
She cuts me 50 times
I bleed into two silver bowls

My family watches
I am clean

The Truth Is Blue

I was a baby
Brand new
Bright light
Couldn’t see her face

She touched my lips

Blue marble in my mouth

Lifted my chin

I swallowed it
I blinked into focus
I blinked into blue
I finally understood

She was me / I was her

I saw her mouth move I heard my voice

“Wake Up”
We spoke in unison


Con mi familia
Cross into Mexico



Giant screen in the sky
Papa spoke
Hemos perdido la humanidad

They all turn to me
Fear in their eyes
Fingers point to my feet
A snake cut into six pieces

I tried to hide my shame

La Llave Del Cielo

Flying above
En la casa de Monterrey

Watched Papy Chuy

Grabs his chest
His heart
I see everything
He is in the hospital

Heart stops
I scream

They can see me now
I fall from the Heavens


This world is crumbling

I am me, but not myself

They are trying to kill us

In my hands
Two embryos

We are the last

Calle Galaxia

I am a child
La casa en Brownsville
I can’t find my family
The blades of grass cut my feet

I am bleeding
My path is blocked
They tell me I must choose

Pick destiny
Mind chooses Rabbit
Heart picks up Spider
He dicho


I am by the tree
Swinging on the anchor
Papa is finally home
I touched his face
“No entiendo, ya no vives aqui’

He laughs
Kiss on the cheek
In the corner a man
Not human
No face
Wears only a gold watch
He taps it three times
Papa smiles
I see the sadness inside

Papa and La Muerte stand up

They walk through the threshold

I run after
Papa se fue

I Am My Mother

My mother’s hips

Strong and wide
I crawl towards her
She turns to pick me up

On her body, my face
I cradle myself

We are safe in her arms


Sleep paralysis
Six ancient beings surround me

They do not scare me
They can not touch me
I cannot move
I am afraid

I dig my fingernails in my palms

Wake up with cuts


Sitting in the branches

Tree of life
Six snakes surround me

One is translucent

Yellow eyes

He wraps around me

I cannot breathe
I am happy
Zahra screams

Spell is broken

I am afraid
I am suffocating

I take her hand

Help me


My eyes are closed
I am blinded by the light

Floating orb
Heat on my face
Absorbs me
I am afraid
“Where do you come from?”
I ask
“Are you of God?”


“If you are not, leave in peace”

It fades
I am awake